Why Your Sales Organization needs a Sales Package

If you are in sales today, delivery of your message is mission critical.  No one will buy your product or use your service if your message isn’t concise, crystal clear, and compelling. Make no mistake… In their quest for knowledge about you… your customers and potential customers …… WILL go to your website.  And now in our video centric world they […]

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Recent Work: Cinematic Selling Solutions – Our StorySelling™

As we all know… things change, and change faster and faster with each year. However, a few things never change like the artistic and aesthetics fundamentals … they seem timeless or classic. As an example… I started my professional career as a fine artist first… in my teens… drawing, painting, photography… evolving that innate talent into work on commercials with […]

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How We Do What We Do! Details You Will Want to Know.

With our vast experience working for these companies and hundreds more over the last three decades, we’ve learned one valuable lesson for today’s realities:  Sales are the key to everyone’s success.  We also know…Your website should be aligned as a SELLING TOOL and SHOULD BE A CLOSING TOOL…  Not more marketing. Marketing’s goal should be to get them to your […]

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Death of an Orthodontic Practice

It’s 2020 and I decide my son, Timmy, needs braces. At 8:00 pm on a Friday night we take a quick jaunt down to the i-Braces store at the mall. We meet the gal up front and she quickly arranges for Timmy to get signed up. After two electronic scans and two impressions, we leave. I signed up for the […]

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SEO is on Life Support: The Rise of Real Content

Google is killing the SEO industry and content is becoming king. But hold on…it’s not just any old content. Your content MUST match the expectations of your potential clients, patients, and customer. In other words, it is not important to have someone click on your website, but rather they need to stay on the website. They need to be engaged! […]

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VIDEO: Medical Practices and Sales Expertise Converge!

Visit our Dental and Orthodontic site HERE

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Why Private Schools Must Embrace the New Realities.

Have you been putting off your entry into the video website world?  Time has just run out.  Either you make the jump, or you fall behind.   A number of schools have embraced the reality that no one reads their websites and are unsure of what to do about it.   In response to this reality, some schools have placed […]

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Dental and Orthodontic Practices: Sales Statistics to Watch and Improve!

In terms of sales and new patients, the best practices monitor and cultivate a few critical areas knowing how important they are for a more successful practice. Like any business, there are certain factors that YOU should be looking at on a weekly basis. These are called “choke points” or “critical junctions” in a business. Here are the ones that […]

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For Orthodontists and Dentists, SALES Matter More Than Marketing!

Marketing and Sales are on two different sides of the ledger.  One is an expense and one an asset.  One is a science that can be learned by books.  The other only by vast experience.  They are both integral, but chances are you neglect sales and think that marketing can make up for it.  I wouldn’t put money on that […]

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Why Don’t All Videos Increase Sales?

If they don’t work it is probably because you: Think of them as marketing and not selling. Did not use a sales consulting based approach. Did them yourself. Used a video production company only. Had a “friend” make them. Did not define the expectations, concerns, or what resonates with your prospective clients/patients/customers. Did not avail yourself of consultants, advertising, and […]

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