Why The Creative Network and Why Now?

March 6, 2012 at 11:27 am

Professionally executed movies and video using a sales consulting based approach are integral for your website in today’s marketplace. Movies and video for Dentists, Orthodontists, Physicians, Surgeons, Health and Wellness Practitioners Businesses, Sole Proprietorships, Fortune 500 Companies, Private Schools, Manufacturers, .

Our consulting sets us apart from all competitors. We are Sales consultant driven in our approach. Our packages include hours of consulting before we even begin to shoot. Why? Because your video and movies must resonate with your potential customers and patients. Consulting is the key to great video tools for the web.

This shift from text/photos based websites to video infused ultra-dynamic websites is crucial. By adding our customized video and movies you can now explain your message clearly, cut down confusion and increase conversion rates and profits. Video and Movies added to your website generate results. Regardless of your business, anyone who wants to find out about you will go to your website.

We call it the “Seven Seconds on Your Real Estate” which means the seven seconds that people use to make a mid-brain decision about using your service/products when on your web page.

The Three integral parts of producing movies for business and practices that sets The Creative Network apart are:

Resonance-We define this as the ability to determine precisely what your potential clients, customers and patients expectations are when interacting with you, your business or practice.

Message-The verbal constituent of your customized movies and the effect it has on the viewer in a cognizant and experiential way.

Meta Message- The message in-between the verbiage.  The mid-brain message the viewer receives resulting in instinctual feelings about you, your product and service.

At Creative Network we ARE the culmination of years of advertising, sales, marketing and video production experience.  A one stop shop, if you will, ensuring that your hard earned money is well spent on resonating effective video and movies for your business. Movies that Work™.

Our customized MiniMovies™ and other video products will increase your brand and name recognition. Video communication connects with viewers in a multi-sensory way using sight and sound. It speaks to all our senses and all areas our brains.

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