Why Don’t All Videos Increase Sales?

April 7, 2012 at 3:27 pm
If they don’t work it is probably because you:
Think of them as marketing and not selling.
Did not use a sales consulting based approach.
Did them yourself.
Used a video production company only.
Had a “friend” make them.
Did not define the expectations, concerns, or what resonates with your prospective clients/patients/customers.
Did not avail yourself of consultants, advertising, and marketing professionals.
Made a decision based SOLELY ON MONEY, not talent or experience.
Thought your specific expertise can translate to making movies.
Believed your own PR.
Didn’t understand the process fully.
Or any combination of the above.


When you place a video or movie on your site you need to understand that you need to begin with expert sales consulting in order to get it right.  Movies on websites are not marketing. They are closing tools and selling tools…not more marketing. If you don’t use expert sales consulting techniques your movies will not work. How many bad movies have you seen in the theatre?  Why does every actor want to work with Scorcese, Woody Allen, Sodderbergh, Coppola, Spielberg, or other such giants?  Because what they direct is superlative for the most part and makes for great movies.  They are expert at their craft and it shows in the final product.

To be expert at the craft of movies and videos on website you first must be expert in the art of selling and possess a complete knowledge of that discipline.

You may not think you want this level of expertise on your website but really……..are you kidding?  


With so much at stake in todays marketplace, why in the world would you trust your 21st century business to anyone who doesn’t use a professional moviemaking approach with sales consultants to craft your movies or videos?


Edward J. Loew
National Sales Director


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