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January 2, 2011 at 2:34 pm

If you are spending any money at all on advertising, community awareness, or marketing of any kind, the name of the game is conversions.

I am not speaking about having someone visit your website. I am referring to sales. Having people buy your service or goods. If you are using Adwords or any other search engine advertising vehicle you should be tracking your clicks, BUT why don’t all your clicks lead to sales? And more importantly, why are you paying for those clicks when it is questionable if a conversion results from that click.

What IS important is what happens to those expensive web clicks when they finally get to your site. Here is what typically happens, and what shouldn’t happen: The prospect gets to your site and there are 10-30 pages of boring content that they have to read, a few pictures, and possibly a slideshow. THIS DOES NOTHING TO CONVERT THESE CLICKS TO SALES.

Why do you have a website if not to drive people to your business? Static content is not a driver of anything excepting possibly News but even that is turning towards video. In order for your site to convert you MUST have a virtual salesman mentality about what your site really is. In order for your site to be a salesman it must project an expected message. What does this mean?

Today, people expect video and movie content on your website. If a viewer on your website is engaged with movies and video, he or she will be 90% more likely to call for your service or buy your product. So, for example, if you are an Orthodontist or Dentist who has carefully crafted video and movies on your site, you have an immediate advantage over your competition in a number of ways.

What happens is your potential patient is able to see you, meet your staff, get frequently asked questions answered, understand about financing options, and, most importantly, get a feel for the practice. This ensures more new patient consults, less time wasted going over redundant items, more free time for your treatment coordinator, and a more natural, flowing sale. This is just one example in one business sector.

These techniques work in many sectors of business but especially in elective medical or dental procedures and others such as:



Plastic Surgery


Medical Spas

Weight loss Clinics

Bariatric Clinics

Vein Clinics

Sports Medicine

Lasik Surgery

Eye Surgery and


Video and Movies on your site drive sales not clicks. This is not the same thing.

One is advertising and the other is quantifiable profit!


Edward J. Loew,  National Sales Director

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