Site Statistics or.. Why Don’t They Get My Message?

March 28, 2012 at 9:51 am
There are approximately 300,000,000 websites, give or take. Consumers, patients, and customers don’t get your message because most  have been so bombarded by information that, unless your site is filled with RVM (Rich Visual Media) and is right on point in terms meta-messaging, your site won’t resonate.


You track the habits of your visitors and find out the following:
 They don’t read your pages.
They watch your video for 8 seconds and leave.
They typically leave on the first page after 2-3 seconds.
2% of them move to a second page and then leave.
They don’t read your “company history” or “about us” page.
If you have pages for key employees bios; virtually no one cares.
They glance at your FAQs for a second or two and leave.


What is happening in their minds?
People do not have the time to let your website “feed them” slowly.  In other words, if you don’t know exactly how to project your message, you are not worth their time.
A response to this has been the addition of videos on websites.  I can tell you from experience that 99% of those videos are a total waste of time and money.
Unprofessional, poorly-crafted video will keep the visitor on the site for possibly 8 seconds, but, routinely, they will be gone in 5-6 seconds.  Static sites with no RVM will keep the typical viewer there for 3 seconds and they are gone.


You put a great deal of effort and money into your business and your website. You thought that having some form of video on your site would help.  That is half right.  Just plain old videos do nothing for you, your site, or your pocketbook.  Your videos must be directed, edited, and created using a meta-messaging approach derived from intense sales consulting

A cleverly crafted, sales consulting-based movie can keep people on your message for 3 minutes or more.  If you have many choices of movies you can keep a viewer on YOUR SITE FOR 20 MINUTES; all the time moving them towards a positive decision about your product or service.  It is about the psychology of buying and decision making.


Mid-brain decisions on products or services last about 3-4 seconds.  You have that amount of time to get a visitors’ attention.  Once you grab that attention, you will have an additional 8-10 seconds to solidify that decision. Then, and only then, you can hold up to 20 minutes of their time, provided you have a compliment of REALLY INSIGHTFUL AND INTERESTING MOVIES/VIDEOS.


It is common knowledge that all websites MUST move into visual media, movies, and videos in order to be relevant going forward.  Static sites are just about dead in today’s marketplace.  Remember that just 2% of your static verbiage content is read and only 8% is retained.  65% of video/movie content is retained BUT it must  have a superlative message to work and to be watched.  Just creating a movie in HD will not make it any more interesting, so the technological aspects of the movie are really secondary.  The communication aspects of the movie are the primary concern and the ability to pinpoint that message comes from consultants.


In order to succeed in the 21st century, you must track your site to be able to see what is going on when people come to visit.  Make certain that you have RVM on your site to bring the visitor to the conclusion you desire.  Turn a web surfer into a customer/client/patient and the profitability of your business will soar!


Edward J. Loew
National Sales Director

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