VIDEO: Medical Practices and Sales Expertise Converge!

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Why Private Schools Must Embrace the New Realities.

Have you been putting off your entry into the video website world?  Time has just run out.  Either you make the jump, or you fall behind.   A number of schools have embraced the reality that no one reads their websites and are unsure of what to do about it.   In response to this reality, some schools have placed […]

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How to Have Patients Keep Appointment Times

It is consistent.  Anytime we are speaking with a practice administrator or doctor, it always comes up.  “Appointment cancellations are driving us nuts!”  Sure they are, and for good reason.  You lose time and money when it happens.  So, you try to overbook or book too closely and then what?  Wait times increase and your patients get agitated or even […]

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Patient Financing: Do’s and Don’ts

More and more often today, you will have to be finance savvy in your practice.  I am not speaking about offering financing through third party finance services, but rather internally having a full grasp of how financing should work, defining internal underwriting decisions, terms, payment options, and payments themselves.   With more and more people having minor credit issues, you […]

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Dental and Orthodontic Practices: Sales Statistics to Watch and Improve!

In terms of sales and new patients, the best practices monitor and cultivate a few critical areas knowing how important they are for a more successful practice. Like any business, there are certain factors that YOU should be looking at on a weekly basis. These are called “choke points” or “critical junctions” in a business. Here are the ones that […]

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For Orthodontists and Dentists, SALES Matter More Than Marketing!

Marketing and Sales are on two different sides of the ledger.  One is an expense and one an asset.  One is a science that can be learned by books.  The other only by vast experience.  They are both integral, but chances are you neglect sales and think that marketing can make up for it.  I wouldn’t put money on that […]

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Why Don’t All Videos Increase Sales?

A few words comes to mind…….message, resonance, prospect expectations, experience.   If they don’t work it is probably because you: Did them yourself. Used a video production company only. Had a “friend” make them. Did not define the expectations, concerns, or what resonates with your prospective clients/patients/customers. Did not avail yourself of consultants, advertising, and marketing professionals. Made a decision […]

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Movies and Videos for Your Website should not be more ‘Advertising’!

While custom movies will definitely increase your search ranking, they have very little to do with advertising, per se.  Placing customized, resonating movies on your site is not the same as print, radio, t.v., and other forms of conventional advertising.  Spending money on your movies IS NOT the same as spending money on conventional advertising.   So, get the notion […]

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Site Statistics or.. Why Don’t They Get My Message?

There are approximately 300,000,000 websites, give or take. Consumers, patients, and customers don’t get your message because most  have been so bombarded by information that, unless your site is filled with RVM (Rich Visual Media) and is right on point in terms meta-messaging, your site won’t resonate.   You track the habits of your visitors and find out the following: […]

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How They Think and Why You Should Care

“Not addressing or putting off the marketing and sales considerations of your business in today’s changing media environment will surely lead to your downfall.” – Edward Loew   The information age, the Internet, and, more specifically, the magnitude of streaming information, has leveled the playing field.  Your stalwart reputation is not what it used to be.  Savvy marketers can eat away […]

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