Recent Work: Cinematic Selling Solutions – Our StorySelling™

July 8, 2013 at 7:34 pm

As we all know… things change, and change faster and faster with each year. However, a few things never change like the artistic and aesthetics fundamentals … they seem timeless or classic.

As an example… I started my professional career as a fine artist first… in my teens… drawing, painting, photography… evolving that innate talent into work on commercials with my first film spot at age 21. Today we have almost come full circle… with the new computers and cinematic cameras giving us affordable ‘big screen’ filmic capabilities…. But this still depends on the timeless basics of artistic aesthetics. So…. I want to showcase some of what I call our Cinematic Selling Solutions…. Visually Stimulating Storytelling… or StorySelling™… that really sets you and Your Story apart… with subtle but timeless aesthetic qualities.

Recently we have applied these skills to documentary style interviews…. Such as
Arthur Blank from Home Depot and now the Falcons… and
Actress and Activist Julia Ormond.
Or work for Larry King’s foundation showcasing an individual success story.
This work has taken us all over the globe… our recent trip took us through the Baltic Countries all the way into Russia itself.

However… our Real specialty is Real People… telling Real Stories and lately we have been doing a lot of great work with great people.

Take a look as these short snapshots of recent work.

Gary Steele

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