Are You in a Professional Practice? Doctor, Lawyer, Dentist, Accountant…

July 7, 2013 at 10:32 am

Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Accountants and other Professional practices… that embrace sales as the fastest most productive way to keep a practice growing …are thriving …and you could too.

The best professional practices embrace the changes and realities of today.  They know that they need to be more sales savvy BUT less sales sounding.  That is a tricky recipe for success.  You need expertise and….This isn’t marketing.  You need to embrace a sales culture in your practice or you will continue losing market share to those practices that step up.  It’s not the economy!  Many practices are doing better than ever.

Let’s face it, competition in your field is getting more fierce every day.  Referrals are not what they used to be.  Sure most of your business comes from referrals but did you realize that most of the referrals meant for you actually DONT end up seeing you.  That may be hard to fathom but all you need to do to understand what I am saying is to look at the detailed traffic logs of your site to realize that you are losing referrals to competitors.  You will also realize, when looking at this data that, MOST people spend less than 30 seconds on your site.  The majority under 7 seconds. That doesn’t elicit much confidence in the great written content you labored over to put into your site.  Remember… they won’t read it.  You are losing business every day if you do not embrace the realities of what is here now for professional practices in terms of the expertise required in sales.  By the way… again, this is not marketing.

So what is going on?  Simple, the referral system is slowly loosing its punch.  Google and other search engines are allowing your prospects to see your competition when they are searching for YOU.  so naturally they click around and see your competition and check them out as well.  This is the new reality.   Your website and your internal selling process have to be running at top efficiency and your sales message has to be on point and reflected throughout your practice.  You have to embrace sales in order to thrive.   Another thing is that you have to get your personality out there for everyone to see on your website and that doesn’t mean a 1 by 1 photo of you 5 years ago and 4 paragraphs of verbiage they won’t read. Your prospects want to meet you……before they meet you.  —

So call us or email and we will be happy to speak with you about aligning your sales process, with your website, and the new realities.

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