Our Our Proven Sales Consulting Process Helps You Increase Your Closing Percentages And Get The Sales You Want .

Our process is sales intensive, meaning that we analyze your business from that perspective.


Take our Medical and Dental engagements as an example:  We speak with all the Doctors, treatment coordinators and any other individuals you have that have interaction with prospective patients.  We determine practice goals in terms of how and where the practice wants to grow.  Through these interviews and consults we determine exactly what the practice needs to increase exams, consults, first consult sign-ups (bandings if you are an orthodontist), and the goal of more patients.  We then design the internal and external sales tools to augment the practice procedures and the individuals so that everything aligns with the goal of more sales(patients).  This is accomplished through approximately 8-12 hours of sales consulting directly with Mr. Loew, our National Sales Manager.  During this process, he goes through a myriad of questions with the doctors and staff.  This process usually begins weeks before any production and continues during the production phase and afterward.  There are many training sessions and workshops to  help the practice where it needs it.  The result?  A practice that is sales savvy but not sales sounding.

We custom design our packages to your particular product, demographic, and specialty.  Whether you are a professional sales organization, a manufacturer, a private school or a Fortune 500 Company or a sole proprietor, we fit our packages to your needs.
This is considered Phase One of three main phases… part of our ‘100 Action Steps & Tasks’ approach to your Success Package.


In Phase Two, we begin the Production Process.  The object here is to align the website (no, we don’t build websites) and selling strategy with the expectations of your prospects.  A synergy will then develop that will increase the number of prospects you close.  What we do will directly and quantifiably increase yours sales.  The production will take an additional 2-3 days to get all of the material necessary.  We will then create sales closing tools and integrate them into your website message to make certain your site is consistent with your prospects expectations and your internal sales process ……..from lead to close.   In essence we create a virtual sales force for our clients in that works hand in hand with the practice style, sales culture and positioning.
We then follow up with more consulting after the tools have been implemented and you have begun to experience increased sales.


Click the diagram to enlarge and review our proprietary process.

We’re with You every Step: 
• 3 Main Phases
• 10 Key Stages
• Over 100 Action Steps & Tasks
• 4 Key Client Approval Milestones.