For Orthodontists and Dentists, SALES Matter More Than Marketing!

May 11, 2012 at 3:29 pm

Marketing and Sales are on two different sides of the ledger.  One is an expense and one an asset.  One is a science that can be learned by books.  The other only by vast experience.  They are both integral, but chances are you neglect sales and think that marketing can make up for it.  I wouldn’t put money on that bet.


Many people confuse sales and marketing and lump them into the same group.  This could not be farther from the truth.  They are completely different sciences!  To compare the two would be to say that Physics is the same as Chemistry.  They really have very little to do with one another apart from the fact that sales deals with the result of what the marketing produces.  It is more of a “baton” hand-off than anything else.


Where Marketing finishes, Sales begins.  Sales expertise is rare and something that is often overlooked in your practice.  Why?  Because the science of sales is like Organic Chemistry.  It is complicated; very few can understand its nuances and even fewer can apply its precepts to your practice.


I would usually recommend that you should seek sales experts to work with your treatment coordinators and yourself BUT I do not know of any consultants,  except for our firm, that can get the results that you need in this critical area of your practice.


That aside, let’s get into the detail of what should be happening at your practice in terms of selling:  You should be signing up a minimum of 50% of your new patient consults on the first visit.  You should also be signing up 25% more of those patients within 2 weeks of the consult.  That is 37-38 patients for every 50 you bring into the office for a consult.  Anything less than that, and your sales are not where they should be.


Our consulting process typically increases New Patient consults by 20-25% and New Patient sign-ups by 50%.  In other words, if you are currently seeing 50 potential new patients a month (new patient consults) and 25 are accepting treatment you would get 14-16 more patients per month by using our sales consulting services and movie production expertise.  You can learn about our process on our “process” page right HERE.


These results are attained with no change in effort by you and your staff and no change in dollars spent on advertising, marketing, and community awareness. You will achieve up to 50% greater patient acceptance and the corresponding financial success that goes along with that.  If you are interested in seeking our assistance with your sales process and results please contact us via email or phone.


Edward J. Loew,  National Sales Director

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