Movies and Videos for Your Website should not be more ‘Advertising’!

March 28, 2012 at 9:58 pm
While custom movies will definitely increase your search ranking, they have very little to do with advertising, per se.  Placing customized, resonating movies on your site is not the same as print, radio, t.v., and other forms of conventional advertising.  Spending money on your movies IS NOT the same as spending money on conventional advertising.   So, get the notion right out of your head that spending money for resonating movies should be part of your advertising budget.  It’s NOT.   Movies are VITAL and CRITICAL to your success going forward.  Advertising is a driver,  not a closer.


Look at it this way:
You spend money driving people to your product or service and where do they end up?  On your website.  No matter what you think, they will end up there.  They will do so with a myriad of questions and a definitive purpose: FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE IS ALL ABOUT.


Movies/videos on your site are the 2nd punch of the veritable “one-two punch”.


This is a real opportunity to motivate your audience and “CLOSE THE DEAL”.


Here is how it works in a practical sense:  Someone hears your advertisement on the radio.  They don’t remember the number, they barely remember the name and they think to themselves…”I’ll just look this up when I get home.”


When they look you up on Google, you come up but they will also see your competitors. Lo and behold, the one that has RVM (rich visual media) Movies and Video on their site is the one who will get the business, provided, of course, that the movies resonate, are cleverly crafted, and have the correct meta-messaging.
Essentially, if your website does not provide enough information in the form of resonating movies and video, you have wasted your conventional advertising dollars and have just made a sale for you competitor.  Don’t believe me?  Why do you think Google makes so much money with adwords?
If you are spending any money at all on advertising, YOU NEED TO HAVE MOVIES AND RVM ON YOUR SITE!  It is, without question, the single most important factor for your success. Otherwise, you drive the horse to the watering hole, and there is NO WATER.  Remember, everything has changed.  A small competitor with RVM and resonating movies on his site can take your share of the pie.


Consumers, Clients, and Patients want answers and they don’t want to have to go into your office to get them.  They don’t want to have to call someone, and they don’t want to have a live chat to get them.  They want to meet you in the privacy of their home or office and get all their questions answered about you, your service, and your product BEFORE THEY CHOOSE TO MEET YOU.

A proper set of customized movie products for your site IS the answer to closing the deal.  Remember, today no form of conventional advertising will “close your clients”.  The narrative of the 21st century will be “Does your web presence sell you and your product or service?”.  If you don’t embrace this mentality, you do so at your own risk.


Edward J. Loew
National Sales Director

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