How We Do What We Do! Details You Will Want to Know.

July 8, 2013 at 7:29 pm

With our vast experience working for these companies and hundreds more over the last three decades, we’ve learned one valuable lesson for today’s realities:  Sales are the key to everyone’s success.  We also know…Your website should be aligned as a SELLING TOOL and SHOULD BE A CLOSING TOOL…  Not more marketing. Marketing’s goal should be to get them to your website.  That’s it.  And then align EVERYTHING after they come through your website door… to get them in your front door… and then align your entire end-to-end sales engine to closing more prospects. Usually this is not a total rebuild of the website but adding a targeted layer of selling solutions discovered during the first phase of our system.

Let’s start talking details on just how we handle the complex challenge of Igniting Your Sales: It happens in two parts… with lots of overlap.First… the Consulting Phase and then the Production Phase… the two create an end-to-end Integrated Selling Solution.

GETTING THE ENGINE TUNED.   Do you close 100% of all your Prospects?  You should.

Our consulting consists of deconstructing your entire sales process from new prospect to closing and then to create, through experience, the tools you need to increase your closing rates.

Specifically, what we do is to align your prospects expectations with your sales process and mindset. We move your mental image toward igniting yours sales.  We do this by performing a diagnostic of your sales process including your sales culture and psychology.  When every aspect of your sales process is aligned properly with buyer expectations the results are synergistic and hugely succesful.

In a practical sense we discover and integrate solutions around your common sales procedures including overcoming objections.

The art of selling begins with three things:

A knowledge and deep understanding of buyer expectations.

A belief that increasing the number of sales you close is the fastest way to increase your profits and success.

And lastly, that 100% of prospects should become your clients or customers and can be closed.

Moving that mental image requires adopting “the zero sum game” approach.  This means that you understand that they either buy your product or service or they are going to buy your competitors. It might be nice to think that your no-sales are unqualified in some way such as ability to make a decision, weren’t ready to buy, had a lack of money, couldn’t afford the payment etc…  but this is fundamentally wrong headed thinking.

Increasing your sales is the most effective way to success but requires vast experience in order to teach it. Real world experience is the requirement for sales expertise.  We can impart this knowledge and experience into your company or process with a simple engagement.  Let us prove it to you.

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