How They Think and Why You Should Care

March 17, 2012 at 7:05 pm
Not addressing or putting off the marketing and sales considerations of your business in today’s changing media environment will surely lead to your downfall.” – Edward Loew


The information age, the Internet, and, more specifically, the magnitude of streaming information, has leveled the playing field.  Your stalwart reputation is not what it used to be.  Savvy marketers can eat away at your market share by utilizing specialized consultants and the newest technologies.


At some point,  in order to be successful when offering a product or service, you need to address the following question;  How do my clients, patients, customers THINK?


If you don’t know how they think in today’s savvy, fickle world you will not be able to bring your message forth in any coherent way.  In your quest to become the best at what you do, you may have taken for granted that there are individuals out there that have made it their mission in life to understand the consumer.


One thing is certain…individuals who know what consumers want, expect, and precisely how they think are in high demand and are probably the single most important, but least understood, element of a successful business.  Any professional who has not been trained nor had at least 20 years experience in this field should not think that because they are great at what they do, it somehow gives them the insight required to know how consumers think.  In other words, knowing how consumers make decisions is a lifelong profession so leave it to the professionals.  To those who are willing to devote their lives to it.


“Woo, do that voodoo you do, but I don’t want to know how you do it.”  Shamanism with science.  Make no mistake….it is an art form, but a highly skilled one requiring a sort of uber mind-melding guru who has attained that all elusive level of  CONSCIOUS COMPETENCE.  I know it’s funny, but those that have this ability are quite rare and highly sought-after.  Seek these experts out whenever you can!  They are as expert at what they do as you are in what you do.  They are the convergence of ART, EXPERIENCE, and SCIENCE.  They have a keen, almost unreal sense for message delivery to a consumer:  A knowing.  Knowing what moves us.  Societal drives.  Linguistics. Facial expressions.  Voice tone and cadence.  Visuals and their effect on the different emotions and brain functions.  Fears and expectations.  Egos and ids. Messages, meta-messages, and resonance.  Needs, desires, failings, shortcomings, loves, hates, and motivators of all kinds.


If you didn’t study this for half your life, like it was your sole calling; enter the arena at your own risk.  You will probably fail.  Fortunately these guru’s that you really need are out there and they are accessible.  Find them!  And make your business thrive.  If you would like to speak to us, we can help.


Edward J. Loew,  National Sales Director

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