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July 6, 2013 at 6:46 am

If you’re in education today the competition for excellent students is fierce.  in the past, Schools have depended on their websites to provide information about the school, it’s teachers, philosophy, academic record, sports and other pertinent programs and style nuances that may help parents and students make decisions.  Sadly, most are static web sites with excessive verbiage… unlike these powerful examples of our work behind me.  We, as a society, have become dependent on movies and video to communicate and deliver messages. People won’t fully read the verbiage content your site.  Rich visual media is becoming a NECESSITY for Private Schools.  Many schools already know this and as a first step into the video world provide a DVD hand out to prospective parents and students when they make a visit.  Unfortunately, most of these unprofessional videos of 10-20 minutes shot by a videographer or video production company are not effective.  They don’t resonate with the prospective parents and children.

Why? To make a great Video you need three things: Consulting, Directing and Editing.  Objective consultants are the key to any great movie.  WE have the ability to find your schools’ unique message: its meta-message, educational thrust, public perception, prospective student expectations, and parental concerns… all the critical knowledge needed to create a success package that helps you compete for the best students and their parents…before they even meet you or take a tour. Our miniMovies, Spotlights and Video FAQS, whether delivered by web, dvd or both… are highly customized for your school, engaging your prospective parents and students… even before their initial visit… accelerating the  parent/child decision process that is critical to your school’s success.

Over the last 30 years…We have helped dozens of schools for decades and would be delighted to help your school thrive in today’s competitive environment.

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