Death of an Orthodontic Practice

It’s 2020 and I decide my son, Timmy, needs braces. At 8:00 pm on a Friday night we take a quick jaunt down to the i-Braces store at the mall. We meet the gal up front and she quickly arranges for Timmy to get signed up. After two electronic scans and two impressions, we leave. I signed up for the […]

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SEO is on Life Support: The Rise of Real Content

Google is killing the SEO industry and content is becoming king. But hold on…it’s not just any old content. Your content MUST match the expectations of your potential clients, patients, and customer. In other words, it is not important to have someone click on your website, but rather they need to stay on the website. They need to be engaged! […]

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Turn Your Website into a Sales Closing Machine!

If you are spending any money at all on advertising, community awareness, or marketing of any kind, the name of the game is conversions. I am not speaking about having someone visit your website. I am referring to sales. Having people buy your service or goods. If you are using Adwords or any other search engine advertising vehicle you should […]

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