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Breast Augmentation
Frequently Asked Questions

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What incisions do the Doctors use?
There are three common approaches (incisions): underneath the breast (inframammary), around the nipple (periareolar), and in the armpit (transaxillary). A more controversial approach is through the belly button (TUBA, trans-umbilical breast augmentation).

Many of our patients prefer the transaxillary (in the armpit) incision because the incisions can be made smaller (the skin is stretchy) and when healed it is almost invisible because it is hidden in the skin crease in the top of your armpit. Whereas the other approaches have more disadvantages. The incision around the nipple can lead to more numbness, and can be quite visible. The incision under the breast can sometimes become thick or lumpy and is generally very visible. The bellybutton approach has several disadvantages.

Do the Doctors do breast augmentation through the belly button?
We have the equipment to do the breast augmentation through the belly button, but this procedure has been discredited. There is a risk of breast implant rupture during placement, less control of shape and less control of bleeding. The Doctor does not feel this is the best way for a breast augmentation to be done.

What type of breast implants do you use?
The Doctor uses Mentor breast implants. Mentor offers us a great quality implant, a warranty, and a better price for the patient.


How much does breast implant surgery cost?
Breast augmentation surgery fees range from $4100 to $4900 depending upon where the incision is made, the size and type of implants. Also, the fee is determined by the degree of difficulty (if one breast is significantly larger than the other, etc.). The fee includes the surgery, implants, anesthesia, O.R. supplies (this includes the facility costs, medical and surgical supplies and surgical personnel), and follow-up care for three months following surgery. The fee for a consultation with The Doctor is $55. The only other expenses would be for lab work prior to surgery, and for medications (pain pills, antibiotics, etc.).


What are the restrictions after breast implant surgery?
The recovery period is about one to two weeks. Driving is restricted for 2 weeks, also lifting and reaching up with the arms. Your elbows must be kept at your waist for 2 weeks. This means no pullover shirts and no combing of the hair. Limited exercise (walking, stationary bike) can be resumed at 2 weeks with approval from the Doctor; full exercise can be resumed at 5 to 6 weeks. Most patients return to work about 7 to 10 days after the surgery if the job performance requires only light duty, such as office work, or sales, etc. You will need to sleep on your back for 6 to 8 weeks after surgery.


How long do I need to wait to wear a bra after breast implant surgery?
You can wear a bra within a week of surgery, but it has to be a bra with no under wire and good support. You can start wearing under wire bras after 6 weeks.


What are the risks of breast augmentation surgery?
Deceased sensation in breast and nipples (this improves over 1-2 years), infections, bleeding, capsular contracture (making the breast feel firm, and leakage, (6%).


Will the breast implant affect the results of a mammogram?
The breast implant could obscure detection of breast cancer on a mammogram therefore, it is important that you tell the mammogram technician that you have implants and whether they are above or below the muscle when having a mammogram.


What determines if I can have the breast implants under the muscle?
If drooping is present, we may not be able to put the breast implants under the muscle unless a breast lift is done.


What are the risks of “rippling” ?
If the breast implants are above the muscle the chances of rippling being visible is greater. Having the implants are below the muscle minimizes rippling, but still may be noticeable between the breast and under the breast.


What is capsular contracture?
Capsular contracture, a condition that causes the naturally-forming scar tissue around a breast implant to contract, occurs in a variable percentage of patients and can make the breast feel firmer than normal. While this condition can be addressed surgically, correction is not always permanent.


Do the breast implants have to be replaced in 10 years?
No, you do not have to replace the implants unless you have a problem with them. Breast implants are not guaranteed to last a lifetime and future surgery may be required to replace one or both implants.


What happens if a breast implant leaks?
You will need to have it replaced which means additional surgery. Mentor offers a warranty for $100. It’s good for 10 years. Mentor will replace the defective implant and pay $2,200 toward the cost of surgery.


One of my nipples is higher than the other and one of my breasts is smaller than the other, how will this look after the surgery?
A breast augmentation will only change the size of your breast. The Doctor can make your breast the same size, but he can’t change the size of the nipple unless you have additional surgery.


Can I breast feed after a breast augmentation?
Breast Augmentation does not generally interfere with a woman’s ability to breast feed.


Will I be put to sleep?
The Doctor does use general anesthesia. Our outpatient surgical facility is fully equipped with 2 operating room suites that are inspected annually by AAAASF. We are proud that we have always maintained the highest possible rating.


What if I have a little bit of droop in my breast but don’t want to have a lift with all the incisions?
The Doctor would have to see your photos to determine if he could still go under the muscle. If he feels your best result would be to go above the muscle he could do the breast augmentation above the muscle. Your chances of rippling being seen and capsular contracture would be greater, but we get some wonderful results with implants above the muscle.


What kind of dressings will I have?
You will have dissolvable sutures, steri strips (small strips of tape) and a gauze dressing. The dressing will stay on for one week. After that the steri strips will stay on an additional week. The sutures will dissolve on their own.


How long do I need to wait to shower?
You cannot take a bath or shower for one week. We will take the dressing off at that time.


How many follow up visits will I have?
The Doctor will see you the day after surgery, a week after surgery and 2 months after surgery. He will also see you at any time between these visits if needed.


Can I go braless?
You will need to wear a good support bra as much as possible. The implants are heavy and your breast will sag without support. Save your braless times for special occasions.


Will my breast stay as they are after surgery?
Over time, your breasts can change due to aging, weight fluctuations, hormonal factors and gravity.

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Breast Lift FAQ’s

What is a breast lift?
A breast lift is designed to push up sagging breast tissue, causing the breasts to look more youthful again. Instead of a “lift” it is more of a push-up from the bottom of the breast.


Where will my incisions be on a breast lift?
The incisions are made under the breast and around the colored area around the nipple.


What are the fees for a breast lift?
The fees range form $8,200 to $11,000 depending upon the size of the breast. This fee includes the surgery, anesthesia, O.R. supplies (this includes the facility costs, medical and surgical supplies and surgical personnel) and care for 3 months following surgery. You will be responsible for your labs and medications.


What is the recovery time for a breast lift?
You would need to allow three to six weeks for recovery depending on the type of work you do. Obviously, if you have to perform tasks that require heavy lifting, or strenuous activity, you would need to allow the longest time period for recovery.


How do I go about making an appointment?
The Doctor offers a complimentary pre consultation where you can see a Patient Care Coordinator. You will be shown a video, have all your questions answered, have photographs made so The Doctor can give you an exact price for the surgery and if you are having a breast augmentation you will get to try on sizers. If you decide you want to go ahead with the surgery you can then make an appointment with The Doctor. His consultation fee is $55.


What kind of dressing does a breast lift require?
You will have dissolvable sutures, steri strips (tapes) and a fluff dressing covering your breast. The dressing will be removed after 1 week. We will snip the knots on the sutures which will then dissolve. You will keep the steri strips for an additional week before removing them.


How long after a breast lift before I can shower?
You will have to sponge bathe until the dressings are removed. Usually 1 week.


Is a breast lift right for me?
You may be a good candidate for breast lift surgery if you have any of the following: breasts are large, but are a size that is satisfactory to you, breasts lack substance or firmness or nipples and areolas point downward, especially if they are positioned below the breast crease. In many cases, women seek breast lift surgery to correct inherited traits or asymmetry-one breast may be firm and well-developed while the other is not.


Do my breasts have to be a certain size to be lifted?
Breasts of any size can be lifted. However, the results are more long-lasting for women whose breasts are smaller and lighter.


Will insurance pay for a breast lift?
Breast lift surgery is not covered by insurance as this is cosmetic surgery.


How long can I expect to maintain my shape after a breast lift?
You can expect to maintain your new breast shape, unless you gain or lose a significant amount of weight or become pregnant. If, over time, you again become dissatisfied with the appearance of your breast, you may choose to undergo a second breast lift procedure.